🍪 The Best Recipe for Making Professional Friends

Have you ever been on the hunt to find the best cookie recipe ever? It can be hard to find but once you’ve found it, look out world!

The cookie hunt is just like building your professional network, or what we like to call professional friends. Once you find the right recipe to make professional friends, your network won’t stop growing.

Did you know: 80% of people find jobs or internships through people they know? Making new professional friends could lead you to jobs and internships you never knew were out there. And you might also get recommendations for other companies that may be looking to fill a position, great areas to live, or a mentor to ask all those burning career questions. We have a simple recipe for that.

First, you have to choose the right type of professional friends you need, just like having to choose the type of cookie to make. You might want to explore and try something new too.


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Finally, mix all these ingredients together and put your recipe to the test by trying it out. There are several places to make new professional friends, just don’t forget the frosting on top, thanking your new professional friends for their time.

Enjoy the recipe!

P.S. We are partial to the delicious UB cookies and UB alumni. 🤘 💙


By Kristy Strough
Kristy Strough User Interface (UI) Designer