How to Get the Perfect Headshot

Written by: Lisa Cannavale ’20 | 3-minute read

Why Getting a Good Headshot is Important:

As our world continues to change, online networking will become more popular- and a great tool for you to take advantage of as you begin your job search process! You want to make sure that your headshot on your LinkedIn and Bullseye powered by Handshake profile is professional, clear, and on-brand for you.

I’ve landed two internships through Bullseye powered by Handshake- so I know just how important it is to have an online profile picture that conveys confidence and professionalism. From my own personal experiences and some help from the internet, I’ve provided some solid advice on achieving your perfect headshot.

Before I dive in, here’s some general advice: this is a process! Be patient, be creative, and really think about the look you want to portray. Be open to trying new things- new or different clothing items, different poses, different lighting, and more! The more you experiment, the happier you’ll be with your final results.

In this blog post, I go over some tips and tricks to help you get your perfect headshot from home! Let’s get started:

First, Let’s Brainstorm:

What is your brand? What is your reputation, your specialty, your personality? What are you hoping to convey to others with this headshot? Think about your favorite Instagram account. It likely has a general theme or color scheme that it follows. Think about what that looks like for you!

Once you have an idea of this, ask yourself what types of clothing you may want to wear, or what background may be best. Your online profile photo should generally be clear and professional- but you really can make it your own. Dedicate some time for this. Have different outfit and background options available. You’ll thank me later when you have more options to look through!

Now- What do you want your background to be?

  • Consider something that will take up the entirety of the background of your photo. Try an empty brick wall of a building, a large shrub, or a bare wall in your own home. The less busy, the better. This puts the focus on you!
  • If you decide to use a pattern, wall, or outside area- be aware of objects that may be around or behind your head. Pro Tip: using portrait mode on your iPhone can help blur any of these background objects!
  • Can’t find the perfect background? Try using Zoom to create the ideal background for your headshot. You can download these free UB branded digital wallpapers.

💡 Pro tip: You can choose from three backgrounds to take your professional selfie when you stop by Studio 259 Monday – Friday during office hours.

Your Style:

  • Wear something professional, but relevant to the type of jobs you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for an accounting position, typical business wear (suit jacket, tie, or blouse) would be suitable for your headshot. If you’re looking for a nursing position, try wearing your scrubs!
  • Make sure that what you’re wearing is not distracting. Bright colors and patterns take the focus away from you. Think of simple colors and solid prints.
  • Avoid clothing that has logos on it.
  • If you chose to wear makeup, try and keep it light and professional.
  • Make sure your hair is styled and neat!
By Kristy Strough
Kristy Strough User Interface (UI) Designer