How to Write a Good CV

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A CV is nothing more than a type of resume that outlines an individual’s education and work history. However, writing a good CV while attending college or just graduating is very important, as this will be your representation to potential employers.

Understanding what potential employers look at most will guide on writing the best CV so it will draw attention and put you on the minds of those looking to hire someone with your qualifications. When you sit down and start writing your CV, it would be best to jot down your information prior to typing to ensure you have all the information at hand. Many students prefer to use personalized pens while getting their ideas down on paper as it helps with building confidence.

What employers look at in CV’s

In recent research, employers noted what they look for when hiring new employees via their CV’s. The top information includes related work experience, qualifications and skills, if the CV was easy to read, the person’s accomplishments, and spelling and grammar.

Of course, there is no specific way in which to write your resume and present it to potential employers. On the other hand, there are things you need to ensure when you are preparing this important CV. Spelling and grammar errors were rated as being blatant reasons to put the person in the do not hire pile, while others stated that lack of information on related work experience or skills often placed them in the same category.

Employers agree that a good CV will target a certain job or career field that the person is applying for that shows off the skills in that area. This will allow employers to know what you have to offer for their company.

Draw Attention

The CV that draws attention will be laid out in a precise method, in a logical order, is easy to read and does not overwhelm with too much information. If you have a long list of skills that show you are best suited for the specific job that is wonderful; however, no one really wants to read three pages of your skills and accomplishments in the same field. Being short and precise is usually better.

The major thing that often puts employers off is the lack of care when it comes to those writing their CV’s. Grammar and spelling errors show a lack of professionalism. It is always best to read over your CV at least twice if not more to ensure that you have not made typos, grammar or spelling errors. Even ask someone else to read it over to ensure that there are no gross errors.

Remember, your CV is an introduction to who you are and what you can do for a company. You must make a good impression via the CV in order to get a face-to-face interview. Make it count by being as professional as possible.

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