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The Department of Emergency Medicine is seeking a highly motivated and qualified individual for a Postdoctoral Research Position

This opportunity focuses on research addressing the opioid epidemic and priority areas for enhancing the systems of drug abuse prevention, treatment, and harm reduction in New York State.

Duties and responsibilities:

· Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to ensure the successful execution …

By Wayne Porterfield
Wayne Porterfield Career Design Consultant
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Can healthcare professionals work remotely?

I’ll joke sometimes that everyone should work from home, even surgeons. The truth is that it wasn’t all that long ago when surgery was performed in the home — typically that of the patient — which might explain why so …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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How to Write a Powerful Personal Statement for Medical School

Essays are one of the most important parts of any graduate school application. Whereas your resume, letters of recommendation, and standardized test scores speak to your achievements and academic potential, your essays are where you can make a human argument …

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MD Application Deadlines of the Top 50 Medical Schools

Application deadlines for MD programs are different from other graduate degrees because of the role of the American Medical College Application Process (AMCAS), a centralized service for processing application materials. Most schools have potential students submit a standard application through …

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▶ Key Competencies and Skills for Health Services Administration for Graduates Entering the Workforce

Key Competencies and Skills for Health Services Administration for Graduates Entering the Workforce| 🎧 30-minute listen

It can be hard to …

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Connect-a-Bull Alumni

Ruby Acquah

Alumni, Connect-a-Bull Alumni
  • Mount Vernon, NY
  • PhD Trainee University at Buffalo
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Unnati Agarwal

Alumni, Connect-a-Bull Alumni
  • Ahmedabad
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Sheldelynn Asamoah

Alumni, Connect-a-Bull Alumni
Meet Sheldelynn >

Izzy Atwood

Alumni, Connect-a-Bull Alumni
  • Orchard Park, NY
Meet Izzy >

Amna Aurangzeb

Alumni, Connect-a-Bull Alumni
  • Tampa, FL
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant, Dept. of Pediatrics University at Buffalo
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Alex Bakke

Alumni, Connect-a-Bull Alumni
  • Kenmore, NY
  • Instructor of Record University at Buffalo
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Arka Ketan Banerjee

Alumni, Connect-a-Bull Alumni
Meet Arka Ketan >

Caitlin Barber

Alumni, Connect-a-Bull Alumni
  • Cortland, NY
  • Medical Assistant GENERAL PHYSICIAN
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Sanjukta Baruah

Alumni, Connect-a-Bull Alumni
Meet Sanjukta >

Steve Brady

Alumni, Connect-a-Bull Alumni
  • Farmington, NY
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Yumi Caluma

Alumni, Connect-a-Bull Alumni
  • Ozone Park, NY
Meet Yumi >

Jakob Carney

Alumni, Connect-a-Bull Alumni
  • Patient Care Technician WellNow Urgent Care
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