▶ How to Thrive in a Rapidly-Changing Work World

How to Thrive in a Rapidly-Changing Work World | 🎧 63-minute listen

How do you get through each day, let alone build a meaningful, connected and rewarding career when rapid-fire, constant change, groundlessness, unrelenting pace, overwhelm, and even workplace toxicity have become the norm? That’s where we’re headed with guest , Gabriella Rosen Kellerman.

Her new book, Tomorrowmind: Thriving at Work—Now and in an Uncertain Future which was co-authored with renowned psychologist Martin Seligman, also known as the father of positive psychology, offers critical insights for facing a wildly fluctuating, seemingly perpetually unstable future of work.

And in the conversation today, we explore a bit of Gabriella’s background and her own trajectory in her career before diving into five science-backed strategies or workplace superpowers that can help us all thrive at work. From resilience to building rapid rapport at work, there’s a lot of great insight to learn here.

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