▶ The Crossroads: The Dilemma of Pursuing Graduate School (Special Guest Emily Steliotes) Podcast

The Crossroads: The Dilemma of Pursuing Graduate School (Special Guest Emily Steliotes) | 🎧 30-minute listen

In this amazing episode Brad and Cassie, hosts of the Your Career GPS Podcast, invite Career Coach and Founder of College Iris Emily Steliotes. Emily breaks down the decision of choosing to advance your education in terms of graduate school notably what are the pros and cons, and the major factors that can help determine if grad school is an appropriate choice for your goals.

Some of the highlights from this episode include:

  • Emily speaks a little about her diverse work and how she found her way into her current career
  • She breaks down what she thinks are the biggest misconceptions young people have with graduate school
  • She highlights what factors should students and graduates should consider before moving forward with that
  • What she considers are the benefits of pursuing a graduate degree along with the downsides
  • How can students determine the most appropriate program fit for their needs
  • What students can expect if they take another path and seek a different form of continuing education
  • What strategies they can take to navigate pivots away from their original plans
  • She highlights some good resources she recommends for students to aid them in the decision making process of finding the right programs
  • What is a valuable piece of career advice she wishes she had when she started her career

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In this weekly episodic series, Career Coaches Brad W. Minton and Cassie Spencer serve as the GPS to teens, high school and college students, and young adults ready to find their fit and make their mark on the world through their careers. They help aspiring professionals develop a stronger career identity and navigate the sometimes complicated journey of career development. Throughout this series, the hosts bring together experts in the field of career exploration, growth and development, personal branding, networking, job searching, resume writing, interviewing and salary negotiation.

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