▶ Where Change Begins – A Must Listen with Ms. Ausra Mussett


A Must Listen with Ms. Ausra Mussett | 25-minute listen

Need an audio break? Catch up on UB Sustainability’s student podcast, Where Change Begins! On this episode, Netra Mittal talks about businesses and sustainability— the balance and imbalance between them, what businesses are doing to help, and what they’re doing to make things worse.

Danielle Simmons, President of the Environmental Network club at UB, also joins her to discuss these issues.

Where Change Begins is a UB student led podcast covering all things sustainability at the University at Buffalo. Hosted by UB Sustainability Student Staff who dive into UB initiatives, student and faculty research, and current events effecting Sustainability in the Buffalo and Western New York Area. Want to hear from UB Sustainability’s student podcast? Check out other episodes of the Where Change Begins podcast.

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