🔁How 100 Post-it Notes Can Help You Reimagine What’s Next

✨Sometimes it is easy to feel as if we are wandering without a road map.  While we may all want some external guidance, the way forward is pretty much always comes from looking within. The point of this exercise is to help you uncover what you truly might want your life to focus on going forward.

  1. TURN your dreams into post-it notes.  Take 100 Post-its and write a single wish on every one. These can be any kind of wish or goal you’d like: No wish is too big or too small. Brainstorm until you reach 100 or run out of wishes.
  2. LOOK for patterns.  Just getting your deepest desires and biggest dreams out of your head and down on paper should feel calming, but the real magic happens when you examine these notes for patterns. Do these dreams group in clusters? Are they actionable now or distant goals? Are there areas you can focus on that will offer you particularly high ROI?

That’s basically it!  Give yourself some time to make a post-it note mess and reconnect with your dreams.  The result might just be the clarity and energy you need to refocus your goals and define a few next steps!

Adapted from How 100 Post-it Notes Can Help You Feel in Control of Your Life Again by Jessica Stillman, Contributor, Inc.com @entrylevelrebel, exercise designed by Ximena Vengoechea’s recipe for a “life audit.”