🔁Research Majors Using the UB Catalog


  • How much you like your major and enjoy your classes is perhaps the best indicator of how you will do academically.
  • Think broadly about majors! Any major can give you the skills and knowledge required for success (most other industry specific skills you can learn on the job).
  • Major in something you like and do well in and you will  have so many options open to you!
  1. GO to the UB Academic catalog and select “Degrees & Programs”   https://catalog.buffalo.edu/academicprograms/index.html
  2. CHOOSE a major that you are curious to learn more about… be as open-minded as possible!
  3. READ in the About section  “Why study (i.e. Accounting BS) at UB?”, “Learning Outcomes”, “The Learning Environment”, and “Career Outlook”
  4. READ in Program Requirements “Academic Requirements”, “Prerequisite Courses”, and “Required Courses”
  5. LIST 8 classes from the major in rank order from MOST interesting to LEAST interesting.
  6. LIST 8 classes from the major in rank order from MOST difficult to LEAST difficult.
  7. REFLECT on what excites you about the major as well as what concerns you might have?
  8. CONSIDER on a scale of 1-10 your level of interest in studying this major, how much would you enjoy these classes and learning about this area of study?
  9. THINK about 1 or 2 next steps you could take to research the major such as talking to an advisor, students in the major or joining a related club.
  10. START again at #1 to spend time considering additional majors that might spark your interest!

Hope this was a helpful exercise to get you digging into your major possibilities at UB!