▶ How to Know for Sure You Want to Be a Lawyer

How to Know for Sure You Want to Be a Lawyer – The Legal Level – LSAT, law school admissions, 1L, bar exam & more! | Podcast on Spotify| 🎧 39-minute listen

If you’ve ever had to swat away a member of the obnoxious “don’t be a lawyer, you’ll regret it!” committee, this episode of the Legal Level is for you. In short, there are lots of ways to go about seeing whether a career in the law is right for you, many of which don’t include doing work for free at a law office. Jelena and Branden will arm you with the knowledge you need to feel good about your career choice no matter what the haters say. Tune in and learn about:

Finding the right lawyer to interview The various sectors and practice areas of law What resources are available to undergraduates What lawyers actually do all day—it might surprise you How to get one of those one-in-a-million lawyer jobs like international human rights lawyer.

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