Interstride Webinar: Job Search Strategy for International Students

🎥 1 hour 9 mins video

This workshop introduced a well-established framework and processes for a successful U.S.-based job search.  Learn how to efficiently target companies that sponsor H-1B visas and hire international students; build and expand your network in the American context with LinkedIn searches, informational interviews; and make meaningful connections with employers. Take away a four-step framework to optimize your job search game plan and effectively network to get your foot in the door.

* Feel empowered to build a career in the US with practical approaches to conducting a domestic job search with tools and resources provided by your career center
* Discover how to target companies that sponsor H-1B visas
* Learn to cultivate and use professional connections American-style through strategic networking and informational interviews
* Leverage your story, skills, expertise, your university network and brand to achieve your career and life goals
* Practice how to use your cultural diversity as an advantage and effectively convey your story to hiring managers

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Alternatively, you may complete the self-paced Job Search Strategy for International Students online course.

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