🔁 What Challenges Do You Want to Solve?

🙂😐😍 Start thinking differently about your career + life with these interactive digital challenge cards.

Whether you are exploring majors or careers, these Digital Challenge cards will help you sort challenges you might want to solve.

How to Start

  • Go to mysparkpath.com
  • Create a student account with this unique code: buffalo-edu767
  • Email Address: Use your UB email address
  • Password: Create your own

Once you’ve created your account, this is where the fun begins!

Sort the Cards

With 53 challenges, you get to decide if you are Not Interested 😐, Interested 🙂 or Very Interested 😍.

Learn about the Challenges by flipping them over for more information.

What do the colors mean?

The colors represent different categories of challenges:

  • Blue: Health
  • Yellow: Economics
  • Pink: Society
  • Purple: Technology
  • Green: Environment
  • Red: Creative

Note: These categories do not represent specific fields or career communities (also known as career clusters). Rather, they are simply an engaging way to make connections between some of the challenges.

Pick your top 3!

Consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • Why did you choose these challenges?
  • What makes these challenges important today’s society? (Read the 1st paragraph)
  • Who do you want to help by tackling these challenges? (Read the 2nd paragraph)

Think outside of what you “already” know

You’ve done the Digital Challenge Cards, now what?

After you complete the card sort exercise, you will be able to generate your unique challenge profile. In this profile, you will find instructions on specific steps you might take because of your choices.

Be open-minded. Do your research and find companies that connect to your interests and values. Here’s how:

Start sorting!