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Brandi Banks-Richardson

Employer Partner for Internships

The Harmonizer

I was always shy and the ultimate introvert, and I spent the better part of my undergraduate years figuring out “where I fit” career-wise. Everyone in my life pushed me to be a lawyer or work in politics, but after some soul searching and a visit to the career development office on campus, I enrolled in my first communication studies course, and the rest was history.

I have two degrees in Communication Studies coupled with incredible internship experiences that propelled me into public relations and development. I’ve had the privilege of working for several notable non-profits in Buffalo and Washington, D.C.

After being in the industry for a few years, I realized that I was ready to use my communication skills differently, so I once again sought guidance at my alma mater’s career services office and transitioned into higher education. Now, I work in the Career Design Center as the Employer Partner for Internships.

When I’m not providing resources for students to figure out the next step on their career journey, you can find me spending time with family and friends, exploring new places and foods, talking back at my favorite podcasts, or singing (in harmony). Ask me about my favorite vocalists to harmonize with.

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Specialties and Interests

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