Experiential Learning Network: Funding for Students Projects and Conferences

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Source: Experiential Learning Network

Hello, Everyone! Please look through the information below regarding the Experiential Learning Network (ELN)! Consider subscribing to their email list so you don’t miss out on any opportunities! The ELN is a tool students can use to complete mentored projects, boost their skills, and fill out their resumes with projects related to their interests!

Funding is Available for Students’ Mentored Projects or Conference Presentations
The Experiential Learning Network offers funding to support undergraduate students working on mentored projects or presenting at conferences. To apply, students should complete the application steps via our website by February 15, 2023.

ELN Project Workshops are being held on:

Tuesday, February 7 at 12p.m. (In-person in 128 Capen)
Wednesday, February 8 at 1p.m. (Virtual)
Tuesday, February 28 at 12p.m. (In-person in 128 Capen)
Tuesday, March 7 at 1p.m (In-person in 128 Capen)
Wednesday, March 8 at 1p.m. (Virtual) Tuesday, April 4 at 1p.m. (Virtual)
Thursday, April 6 at 2p.m. (In-person in 128 Capen)
Project Workshops for Students

By Kevin Palmisano
Kevin Palmisano