Being a student-athlete is a unique experience, balancing rigorous academic demands with the commitments of training and competition. This community thrives on discipline, teamwork, and resilience, cultivating skills that extend far beyond the field or court. Student-athletes often demonstrate exceptional time management and leadership abilities, making valuable contributions both on campus and in their future careers.


What to Do if You Didn’t Have an Internship This Summer

Summer internships are often considered valuable stepping stones for building a successful career; however, not securing an internship does not mean your summer has to be unproductive, wasted, or thought of as a failure. Rather, there are plenty of other …

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From Field to Office: Transferable Skills for Student Athletes in the Workplace

Rob Porter | February 29, 2024|  4-minute read
Source: Vault

Recent graduates who are about to enter the workforce for the first time will face many challenges. When applying for entry-level positions they may lack certain skills that potential employers are …

By Rob Porter
Rob Porter
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Unleash Your Inner Networker: Tips for Building Confidence

By Sara Derrick
Sara Derrick
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Your Guide to … Career Paths in the Social-Impact Space

6-minute read 👈 | Source: 👈 🔗 

Some professions have a straightforward career path—you study pre-med in college, then go to medical school, then do your residency, and then you’re a doctor. Or you go to college, then law school, do a …

By Richard Reese
Richard Reese Career Design Consultant
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🔁 What Challenges Do You Want to Solve?

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UB Inclusion Policy of Transgender Student-Athletes
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