Get Career Advice with Connect-a-Bull

Connect-a-Bull is as free tool for mentorship, networking, career exploration, experiential learning, and job connections. And it’s made for everyone at UB: students and alumni at any point in life.

The Connect-a-Bull platform is built around the principle that every individual, regardless of their background or status, can fully understand how their passions, interests, and studies can become a meaningful career.

80% of jobs and internships are found through personal connections.  The goal of Connect-a-Bull is to create access to possible opportunities through mentorship.  Through Connect-a-Bull, students will be able to meet alumni, break down any barriers to careers they are interested in, and ultimately increase their social capital and professional network.

How does Connect-a-Bull work?  It’s user interface matches hobbies, interests, and values with potential mentors but also facilitates interests-based groups between students and alumni through discussion boards, career interest groups, events, job postings, and other career resources.  In fact, the Career Design Center will facilitate industry-based career community groups on Connect-a-Bull along with a first-generation student-to-alumni group.  An excellent way to build self-confidence and meet people with similar interests and goals.

Here is how to get started plus tips for getting the most out of Connect-a-Bull:

  1. Sign up for Connect-a-Bull today.
  2. Once you are in, join a Connect-a-Bull Group by clicking on “Connect” and then “Groups, and join the groups that match your career interests.
  3. Find an alumni volunteer that you want to talk to by clicking on “Connect” then “Community” to search the for your industry experts.
  4. Once you find an alumni volunteer you want to talk to, click on “Message (person’s name)” to send a note to introduce yourself and request a virtual meeting.
  5. Some questions you might consider asking … How did you get started? What advice do you have for me? Who else would be helpful for me to talk to?
  6. After your meeting be sure to message the alumni volunteer to thank them and let them know what piece of advice meant the most to you.
  7. Send them a LinkedIn connection request to help you stay in touch.
  8. And after you graduate, be sure to stay on Connect-a-Bull so you can help someone someday.
By Ed Brodka
Ed Brodka Career Design Consultant