How you can create your own luck | Roadtrip Nation

🎥 5-minute watch Successful people don’t wait for luck to find them—they make their own luck! And after years of talking to people who've found career success, we've pinpointed three things you'll need to create your own career-path luck: 🍀Confidence 🍀Preparation 🍀And a whole lot of hard work! About Roadtrip Nation: Stories to help you figure out what you want to do with your life, and tools to help you plan how to get there.…

Tech Entrepreneurs Roadtrip

Roadtrip Nation: Venture Forward - Trailer | Tech entrepreneurs are building the future See what it takes to make new ideas a tangible reality—even when obstacles stand in your way. Tag along as Jordane, Carissa, and Alicia—three young people eager to become part of tech entrepreneurship’s next generation—travel across the country to talk to founders and CEOs of companies who are building communities, rethinking media, leading innovations in health care, and even imagining a better…

Be The Best You

Advice from University at Buffalo alumni.

5 jobs for people who want to save the planet | Roadtrip Nation

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You—yes, you!—and your career path could help fight the climate crisis.

These 5 jobs for people who want …

5 jobs for people who love adventure | Roadtrip Nation

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If you’re a thrill-seeker, you don’t need to feel tied to a desk—try an adventurous job instead!

From …

5 jobs for people who love the outdoors | Roadtrip Nation

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Dreaming of spending your days outdoors? Wish you had a job working in nature? Hear from five people …

Explore what it’s like working at GE Aviation | Roadtrip Nation

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We visited the GE Aviation plants in Auburn, Alabama, and Lafayette, Indiana, to see how they’re using 3D-printing …

Feeding grizzly bears, sea lions, and more at the Oklahoma City Zoo! | Roadtrip Nation

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We got a behind-the-scenes look at feeding time at the Oklahoma City Zoo!

Tag along as curator of …

Should I become an entrepreneur? | Roadtrip Nation

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Maybe you’ve been selling lemonade your whole life—or maybe you just recently thought of a great idea that …

Should I become an elementary school teacher? | Roadtrip Nation

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Do you love working with others? Dream of making a direct impact on the next generation? Maybe you …

Why squiggly careers are better for everyone | Helen Tupper & Sarah Ellis | TEDxLondonWomen

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Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis met as ambitious students, keen to make their mark on the working world. …