Visiting Jelly Belly to find out how jelly beans are made! | Roadtrip Nation

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Jelly Belly food scientist Elise Benstein was supposed to create a pizza-flavored jelly bean. What she came up …

Explore what it’s like working at GE Aviation | Roadtrip Nation

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We visited the GE Aviation plants in Auburn, Alabama, and Lafayette, Indiana, to see how they’re using 3D-printing …

Feeding grizzly bears, sea lions, and more at the Oklahoma City Zoo! | Roadtrip Nation

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We got a behind-the-scenes look at feeding time at the Oklahoma City Zoo!

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My path to NASA | Roadtrip Nation

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Want to work at NASA? If you love everything to do with space, having a job at NASA …

How sound designer Ben Burtt made Star Wars’ iconic sound effects | Roadtrip Nation

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Academy Award-winning sound designer Ben Burtt reveals how he created Star Wars’ most iconic sounds, including Darth Vader’s …

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The Blue Man Group’s shows may seem chaotic—but behind the scenes, their team is working hard to make …

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We got an exclusive look at the new Tesla Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada!

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What it’s like to work at Pixar Animation Studios | Roadtrip Nation

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Two artists give us a behind-the-scenes peek at what it’s like to work at Pixar Animation Studios.

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