🔁About Those Elevator Conversations

💭Imagine this…

You get stuck in an elevator with someone you don’t know or the company President of your dream job.

There are 2⃣ things you could do…

Panic or make new friends 😬

You’ve got nothing but time, so start a conversation! Conversations should be organic; listen for real opportunities to form a connection instead of trying to “pitch” why you’re the best. You don’t need to be stuck in an elevator to do this either. Here’s some key elements for your elevator or informal conversation, give it a try so you’re ready for your moment 👇

🔁Try it

  1. Identify yourself (name + major + year + role)
  2.  Mention any goals, skills, experiences or results related to you or what you’ve done.
  3. Establish/imagine possible connections to your elevator buddy. State your interest in a topic they mentioned.
  4. Ask for a follow-up action like a further convo or a follow-up message
Adapted from Life Design Lab Method Cards by Stanford d.School.


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