▶Expat Empire: Teaching English around the World with Derek Straat

Expat Empire Podcast with David McNeill | 🎧 46-minute listen

On this Expat Empire Podcast episode, we will be hearing from Derek Straat. Following acquiring a taste for being abroad during a trip to Peru for his 30th birthday, Derek decided to leave the metropolitan jungle of New York City to pursue a simpler life abroad teaching English. Following a TEFL course in Peru, he has since worked in South Korea, Malaysia, Chile, and the UAE in a multitude of roles related to English teaching.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Which certifications that you need and how to go about finding your first teaching job abroad
  • About some lesser-known programs and opportunities to teach English abroad
  • How to set and manage your personal expectations for the time required to adjust to life in a new country or culture
  • Some tips for balancing the tension between wanting to be near home and pursuing your passions outside your hometown
  • A few lessons about managing your finances while building a career abroad

…and much more!

Hear from expats around the world and learn how you can join them! The Expat Empire Podcast is hosted by David McNeill and features entertaining interviews with exciting expats, digital nomads, and travelers from all around the world. 

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